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Frequently asked questions.

Are Thermos products safe to use?

All Thermos products meet the EU food standards - EN12456-1:2000 and are all free from BPA, BPS and asbestos.

What materials are Thermos products made from?

Thermos only use food grade 18/8 stainless steel for all steel products. Thermos hydration bottles are made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan™. All lids, stoppers and cups are made from polypropylene and the seals are silicone.

Can I put my Thermos in the dishwasher?

Thermos do not recommend you use a Dish Washer but rather wash your Thermos by hand with warm soapy water.  Never fully immerse your product in water. 

For tough tea or coffee stains we recommend using a sterilising tablet and leave to stand overnight.

How do I keep my drinks hot for longer ?

We recommend you always pre-heat your Thermos Flask before using. The easiest way is to fill your Flask with boiling water and leave to stand for 10 minutes. Then just before you pour in your hot drink empty the water out.

 Adding milk straight from the fridge can reduce the temperature of your drink by up to 10 degrees, so maybe consider taking milk in another smaller Thermos Flask, or use warm milk for coffee. 

 Make sure you fill your Flask just below the stopper to minimise airgaps and close the stopper immediately. Remember that once you open your Thermos Flask cold air will immediately enter and your drink will start to cool. The more you open and close the cooler your drink becomes.

 A great tip: 

Large Thermos Flasks like the Stainless King 1.2L capacity will keep drinks hot up to 18-24 hours dependent on usage and ambient temperatures.   Smaller capacity Thermos flasks like  Stainless King 0.47L  will be around 12-18 hours.  This is because larger capacities will retain heat longer as they have more volume.  If you are making a long trip or have a full day ahead a great tip is to take 2 Thermos Flasks  0.5L and 1.0L.  Use the  small Thermos in the morning then switch to the larger 1.0L Thermos later in the day. 

What is the difference between Thermos and the Thermocafe Brand?

Thermos Thermocafe brand  generally refers to products that have been produced  by Thermos for everyday usage. It's best explained by comparing 2 Thermos Flasks like the Ultimate and Thermocafe Flask

The Thermos Ultimate is specifically designed for environment's that demand the highest heat retentions and specifications, such as high trail walking or expeditions with up to 24 hours performance. The materials used are the best, but then the price is the top of the range in excess of £30 per Flask. It also has a 5 year warranty for defective workmanshiop

The Thermos Thermocafe flask priced around £15 is the perfect flask if you are using it within an 8 hour period.  Family picnics, lunch at work, Sunday morning football.  The Thermoscafe ranges have a 1 year warranty.

Both flasks perform well, it just depends  where you want to use it and under what conditions.

The same is true when comparing Thermos travel mugs with Thermos Thermocafe travel mugs.

The full range of spare parts can be viewed by clicking here.

Sadly not, due to their fragility the glass liner refills are not sold serparately. 

Are Thermos Products covered by any warranty.

The vast majority of Thermos products have a 5 year warranty for any manufacturers defects.  The only exception being  Thermos Thermocafe products which have 1 year warranty. 

The warranty period is shown in our product descriptions. 

Please remember to always keep your receipt  as this is required to validate any warranty claims.